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With EasyWill you can create a Last Will and Testament quickly and easily, without learning a software program, or studying a book, or having in-depth knowledge of testamentary law.

The EasyWill service was developed by a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Trust and Estate Practitioner and is used by various professional advisors, financial services firms and other clients.


EasyWill Personal

EasyWill Personal is a unique and convenient service to allow anyone to complete a Last Will and Testament, in a matter of minutes. EasyWill was designed to allow a user to comlete their own Last Will and Testament with virtually no knowledge of testamentary laws...

EasyWill Corporate

EasyWill Corporate is a unique and convenient service focused on Professional Advisors, enabling them to provide their clients with Last Will and Testaments without increasing their workload or an in depth knowledge of testamentary laws...
EasyWill Corporate

Will Templates

For basic Last Will and Testaments, we have created a couple of Will Templates for you to choose from.

Do I need a Will?

EasyWill developed a unique Last Will & Testament drafting solution focused on not only the professional advisory and financial services industry, but on all Residents of South Africa.